Fed’n of Cd’n. Municipalities Conference report to Council

June 8-Region-Duffin’s study, schedule change, incinerator

July 11-Region-Balleycliffe, U-Pass rate increase, incinerator, senior & affordable housing

Oct. 17-Waste facility tour Spain; Region-Amberly Gravel Ltd., code of conduct, Regional structure, Regional representation; TRCA-Prov. Four Plan Review-headwaters; Committee of the Whole-Carruthers headwaters.


Nov. 9, 2015- Regional Council – October 14, 2015  EFW

Regional Council – Nov. 4, 2015 Enshrining the Right to Live in a Healthy Environment, National Pharmacare Program, Comments on Provincial Legislation Reviews, (Conservation Authorities Act, Municipal Act and Municipal Conflict of Interest Act), Update –Potential Impacts on Solid Waste Management of Ontario’s Proposed Cap and Trade Program for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Nuclear Emergency Plans, Fair Representation Committee – October 23, 2015


Sept. 28- Council-Redlight Cameras, Lifeline Syria, Regional Council Composition Review Committee (RCCRC)

June 25- Council- Joint-PanAm preparations, Transportation Master Plan Update, National Transit Strategy, Comments on Smart Growth-Development Charges Act, Planing Act Proposals, Rapid Transit ; Works- Joint-Durham Housing Plan, Regional Revitalization Program, Durham-York Energy Update, Corporate Climate Change Adaptation.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference,Alb-June 2-8.- Workshops & Tours-Fighting Urban Flooding, City on the Move (public safety intiatives), Neighbourhood & City Revitalization Programs, Talking Trash, Municipal Infrastructure Financing, Youth Leadership for today & tomorrow, Resolutions.

May 25-Council-Fair Representation

April 27-Council-Energy Planning, Bill 66, Comments on Climate Change Paper.

April 13-Council-Health & Social Services, Rent Geared to Income Housing, Triple A Rating, Planning & Economic Development Update, Carruthers Creek Watershed Update contract.

March 9-Council-Business Plans & Property Tax Ratios, Individual Producer Responsibility.

February 23-Council-Triple A rating, Joint-Solid Waste & Servicing Financial Study, Review of Housing Programs;  Works-General Tax, Solid Waste Management Business Plans, Individual Producer Responsibility.

February 9-Works-delegations, Hwy 2 Dedicate Lanes- Joint-Services & Financial Study, Covanta Incinerator Update.

January 26-Council-Community Safety Annual Report, 2015 Property Tax Guidelines, 2015 Transportation Servicing & Financial Study, Polybutelene Water Servicing &Financial Study, Community Climate Adaptation Plan.

Regional Reports